1st Seminar: The Journey Begins!


My first seminar was a success! We met on June 2, 2018 for a one day of training with twelve participants. I was encouraged by the support of my students at Fighting Chance Seattle and by the attendance of a number of instructors I met through the Iain Abernethy seminar I hosted in 2016.

We trained for six hours exploring the principles of karate and self-defense, embodiment practices, and ending in an hour of live, free-form training. I feel deep gratitude for the enthusiasm and open-minded engagement of every participant.

It was really cool to see my kyu rank students work the applications we train weekly seamlessly with black belts. I appreciated that the black belts who are instructors in their own dojos were so generous and patient in offering feedback and guidance to my students.

We shared a catered lunch together and got some good karate community bonding time in as well.

The following entries contain videos from this seminar:

Big thanks to Geoff Mires of Mires Martial Arts for his continued support and Atzimba Alvarez-Mires for taking photos! 

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